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Classical Acupuncture & Herbs in Louisville has the all-natural solution for your physical and emotional health needs. We offers a wide array of treatments options at our clinic, including moxibustion, yoga instruction and qigong therapy.

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Using Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine when applicable, I have helped countless patients improve their health, treat their emotional concerns and enhance their own natural beauty. My all-natural treatments have been exceptionally effective in relieving pain and reducing stress from chronic ailments and improving overall vitality and enjoyment of life.

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Centuries of Proven Effectiveness

From back problems to digestive issues, injuries to allergies, my techniques, natural remedies and gentle acupuncture treatments have been proven time after time to provide relief. My approach, based on centuries of proven effectiveness, will leave you feeling healthier, calmer and less stressed.

Acupuncture is also a great remedy for improving body balance, calming the immune system and enhancing whole body health. The World Health Organization has even cited acupuncture as an effective treatment for more than 43 common conditions, including constipation, depression and insomnia.

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