How Does Nutrition & Lifestyle Work?

What we eat and drink can greatly impact our health. Dietary therapy has been a part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

With more modern understanding we can also offer evidence based nutritional and lifestyle suggestions. We can offer non-judgmental support, to help you upgrade your health.

In this busy world, nutrition and lifestyle habits can slide into lower priority. We can offer non-judgmental support to help you upgrade your health. With the understanding that research gives us, we can also offer evidence-based nutritional and lifestyle suggestions.

We can give you individualized guidance for certain foods based on your specific health issues.

Sometimes people don’t realize that foods or beverages we take in can positively or negatively affect us. Sometimes people know it and try to ignore it.
Often overlooked factors in our lifestyle can also greatly impact our health. The types of food and beverage, the quantity and timing of food and beverages can also be a factor that people can take charge of. We utilize both time tested and current findings on sustainable lifestyle and nutrition.