I leave Martha’s office feeling euphoric!

Martha has practically given me super powers to fight off allergies and upper respiratory infections! It’s a real life changer for me since I’ve always had multiple illnesses every year for as long as I can remember and I’m now in my 60’s. I see Martha twice a month to work on stress, allergies and sinus issues and to support my immune system. . I used to catch everything! Now I rarely get sick. I’ve been seeing Martha for several years now; this has been a wise investment. I don’t lose money by staying home sick or spending it on medical care and pharmaceuticals. In fact I had my annual physical this afternoon and my doctor congratulated me on being the healthiest person she had seen all day. Usually you hear “no pain, no gain” but I get all of these benefits from a treatment that is like a mini-vacation. I relax while the needles do their work with an eye pillow, music and a cozy blanket. I leave Martha’s office feeling euphoric!

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