How Does Chinese Herbal Medicine Work?

Chinese Medicine Louisville KY Chinese Herbs, as prescribed by a trained professional, can be used to restore functioning of the body during many health difficulties. The herbal medicine is prescribed based on pulse diagnoses, according to what is specifically needed by the individual at the time. Chinese herbs are primarily from natural plants, and some minerals. These herbs are combined into a carefully compounded formulas that works synergistically to begin to address the root causes of health concerns, not merely symptomatic relief.

Chinese herbal medicine can be a powerful modality, especially when coupled with a medical pulse diagnosis. Like many forms of medicine, there is an art and very strong science to proper prescribing of Chinese herbs. When a practitioner has specialized training and skill development, the patient’s pulse can reveal both conditions and causes of conditions. The pulse is carefully read to get a proper diagnosis, and a custom formula is designed for your specific top needs.

Whereas Western practitioners normally use a single herb to treat a single complaint, Chinese herbs are used in primarily combination. This flexibility allows practitioners to treat multiple issues and symptoms. They can even modify formulas in order to target underlying causes of a health concern. However, because the correct use of Chinese herbs is a complex process, it should be undertaken only by a properly trained professional.