How Does Moxibution Work?

Under the guidance of a practitioner, moxa can be used for a variety of purposes; it often improves circulation, reduces inflammation, warms and dispels cold, and reduces pain. It is used for chronic conditions, digestive issues, pain, infertility, and many other conditions.

Moxa apparently emits a unique infrared light when burning. Research suggests that the burning moxa increases blood flow, increases cellular respiration and decreases inflammatory markers.

Moxa can be used to reposition a breech baby, mostly done in conjunction with acupuncture. The correction of breech baby presentation has been corroborated by research.
Moxibustion has been around for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. Moxa is composed of mugwort leaves and can be burned in a cigar shaped stick that is passed back and forth over a body part; it can also be formed into cone shapes or burned in a moxa burner.

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