Proven Results

Acupuncture activates the body’s self-healing ability. This is why acupuncture can address everything from irritable bowel syndrome to back pain to the side effects of chemotherapy. These photos are taken with an infrared camera, that depicts the temperature with color. The color scale is described below. The picture to the left was taken before the acupuncture treatment. The picture to the right was taken after a 45-minute acupuncture treatment. As you can see by the increased areas of yellow and reddish orange, the legs have warmed up because of increased circulation. There is a more consistent temperature through both legs, which is indicative of improved circulation. Poor circulation in a body part such as the legs can actually be felt as coolness by the hands. The legs of this particular patient tend to have swelling from impaired circulation. As you can see in the after treatment picture, there is now warmer temperature from improved circulation. Both legs are improved in temperature. The toes in both pictures remain coolest in temperature because they are the extremities.

Heatmap Scale
Thermography images showing the before and after effects of acupuncture on a woman's legs